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VIP Benefits

Buying VIP gives you access to the following perks on ALL our servers!
 • Custom chat tags, name and chat colours
 • Exclusive access to player models
 • All store items for free
 • Reserved server slot
 • VIP title on forums and Discord
 • Access to vote extend
 • Access to paint
 • Access to the bhop whitelist server
 • Ability to change the !replay on surf
 • Access to !showtriggers on surf
 • Exclusive access to fortnite emotes

VIP Tiers
  VIP 1 Month: $5
  VIP 3 Months: $10
  VIP 6 Months: $20
  VIP Lifetime: $60


VIP 1 Month
VIP 3 Months
VIP 6 Months
VIP Lifetime

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